chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
If you've been a long term reader of All That Shimmers you will know that I have been really interested in make-up for the past couple of years now. You'll also know that when I first started out with this blog that it was all about the eyes for me, I would always be lusting over the newest eyeshadow palette... Don't get me wrong, I still love a good eyeshadow palette and I'm forever lusting over a new one, but my tastes have grown with the trends and I've fallen in love with contouring, more so recently than I have ever done so before.

I have actually owned the Clinique Chubby Contour stick for quite a while now, when recently I discovered I was getting towards the end it only meant one thing... Repurchase time! The fact I have repurchased this product means this review is already giving it the green light, so it was only fair that I also bought the highlight version too (you know, for the blog...ha!)

When using the product I apply it after having done my base (primer & foundation) along with my concealer. The reason I use this along side my concealer is I tend to do a popular drag make up technique called ''baking" my concealer, so I like to bake my contouring and highlight as well as my concealer, so to save time, I do it all at once. Whilst I wait for my concealer and contour to bake I get on with the rest of my make up such as my brows. When I feel like enough time has passed I blend out all the concealer and contour with my beauty blenders, I say it in plural as I use one for the contour and another for the concealer and highlighter.

Application is the most simple I have found out of all the contour products I have tried, it is as simple as drawing it on, exactly where you want it. With the cream texture gliding on effortlessly with zero fallout, meaning your face isn't left looking muddy from left over product. I was a bit hesitant at first, going from a powder contour to a cream one but I actually much prefer it, as I feel the results are much more defined. On days where I want a bit more of a stronger contour, like nights out, I use the Clinique contour sticks still but as a base before applying a powder contour on top, but this isn't a often occurrence as it is very dramatic!

I do feel like these are the most versatile contour products I have ever owned, if you want to use it as a base before powder contour or solely on their own you will end up with a gorgeous, defined finish.

Emma xo

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