As a blogger, your phone could be your most useful tool, especially whilst you're on the go. So I thought I would share the Apps that I use most to help with my blogging.

I don't like writing long blog posts on my phone, but the blogger app is perfect for making drafts when you have a brainwave of an idea so that if you forget about it, you'll be reminded when you long into your laptop.

The Bloglovin' app is perfect for when you want to keep up to date with your feed and read posts whilst you are on the go. Or even to just check how your blog is doing in terms of likes and followers.

If you have a Facebook page then it might be useful to download the separate 'pages' app, as I personally don't like mixing my personal notifications with my like page - but I think that's just me being weird. The app has the messages and notification buttons like the normal Facebook app, but they're not mixed with your personal ones. There is also a page for insights showing your page reach and how many likes you may have gained or lost. But the most important for most people is that you can schedule your Facebook posts without having to use a third party app!

As with my Facebook, I like to keep my emails separate too. So I use the Gmail app for my personal emails from work/uni/etc and Outlook for my blog email where bloggers and other companies can get in contact with me.

If you offer advertising on your blog then the most useful tool for you is PayPal, if it's the app or on your desktop. However the app gives you notifications as to when someone has sent you money, so when someone has paid you for an advertising slot you are alerted right away without having to go log into your account and check manually.

I don't know about you guys but I tend to forget to tweet. Some days I'll tweets LOADS, then I'll be totally silent for a few days. But Hootsuite is the app I use for scheduling my tweets the few times I have been prepared and organised for a blogpost. You can also add multiple accounts on to one Hootsuite account, so I'm able to schedule tweets for both my personal and BBlogRT without having to log into two separate accounts.

Unless it's a product where it'll be obvious if I've already used it, then I tend to write my blog posts before I take the photographs. Out of laziness or lack of time, or both. But I find Wunderlist so easy to make a list of products that I need to photograph so I can make sure I don't leave anything out.

Enlight & VSCO Cam
I don't know about you guys but I think I've become a bit of an Instagram snob, don't get me wrong I love Instagram but I can't remember the last time I used one of Instagram's own filters when I've shared a photo... I tend to outsource photos through a different app, I tend to use Enlight and VSCO Cam the most. My favourite filter that I use ALL the time (especially on photos with white backgrounds) is the 'F2' one in VSCO Cam, think I paid something like 99p for F1, F2, F3 and they're all so stunning.

Emma xo

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