Lately my obsession with concealers has been out of control. Has anyone else tried the baking method? It really works!!! Anyway, I couldn't decide between getting the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer or the Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer... What a mouth full. So in true Emma style I decided to buy both instead of choosing (this is why I'm poor most of the time).

I chose the shade Light 2 Vanilla from Nars and Light Neutral from Urban Decay as from Google Images I thought they were similar shades but obviously I was wrong as the Urban Decay concealer is a tad darker (Urban Decay is the top swatch and Nars is the bottom). As for shades, the Urban Decay one I picked matches me better than the Nars one, but that doesn't stop me using the Nars one all the same, sometimes you want to highlight your under eyes. 

Next off is texture, I think it is quite clear from the swatches that Nars has quite a dry, matte finish, where as Urban Decay looks wet when first applied. I personally don't like when a concealer goes on looking like a foundation, because I feel that the coverage is going to be awful, and I'm all about that coverage. Don't get me wrong, the Urban Decay concealer has good coverage... But... Nars. Wow. Why have I not tried this concealer sooner?

I'm sorry if this comparasion is coming off a bit biased as don't get me wrong, I do think the Urban Decay one is a good concealer, maybe for when you're having a lighter, more natural looking make up day. But if you want strong coverage then Nars is the one for you.

Emma xo

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