I have an awful habit of ordering make up off the internet without having seen it in person first... But don't we all just love a good highlighter? Until a month or 2 ago I hadn't even heard of theBalm Cosmetics, let alone this gorgeous highlighter but I'm super glad I've (finally) discovered them. Plus I'm an absolute sucker for the whole vintage looking packaging on products!

Where do I start? The Mary Lou Manizer is a gorgeous golden champagne-y colour, it has amazing pigmentation and is so buttery for a powder! You don't need to use a lot to make a difference, just a light swipe will do the trick... But that does increase the risk of getting carried away and making your entire face sparkly, which I'm definitely guilty of at times. I'd highly recommend using a slim contour brush so you don't end up sprinkling it all over your face.

Next off, the packaging! The first thing you see about any product is the packaging, and theBalm seems to be another brand like Benefit and Soap & Glory that have gone for the retro/vintage/pin up/50s style that I love more than anything. I know you shouldn't love a product for its packaging but it is a really, really, big bonus... It was also bigger than I expected, you get a lot of product for your money as I've had it a month and barely made a dent in it!

This has become my go-to highlighting product very quickly, the issues I had with my other highlighters were them being either extremely subtle and barely there or they just left chucks of glitter on my face instead of that radiant glow we all desire, the Mary Lou Manizer doesn't have either of those problems so in my eyes this is a win-win.

Have you tried anything from theBalm cosmetics?

Emma xo

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