I finally got around to buying myself the Baby Skin pore erasing primer (late to the craze - I know), I've also had this Porefessional mini floating around my makeup bags for quite some time... So my first thoughts were to compare them both as they both state to do similar things, but that leaves the question - which one is better, high street or high end?

Porefessional above, Baby skin below.

Both primers have this gel-like silicone texture to them, the most noticeable difference here is that the Porefessional is skin coloured whilst Baby Skin is clear, proving that Baby Skin isn't necessarily a dupe product, they just offer the same results. 

When it comes to minimizing my pores there isn't a clear winner at first, both primers clearly do their job however I feel that due to the Porefessional being skin coloured it just appears to minimize pores more than Baby Skin... But once my foundation is applied you cannot tell the difference.

I also realised that Baby Skin claims to be an 'instant pore eraser' (which lets be honest, having 0 pores would look weird on anybody) where as the Porefessional states to simply 'minimize the appearance of pores'. Neither product 'erases' pores completely, they just help reduce the appearance - which is to be expected, meaning that Benefit give a much more realistic outlook of their product compared to Maybelline.

In terms of greasiness, Baby Skin is definitely the most greasy whereas the Porefessional has quite a dry, silky texture. I have normal/dry skin so Baby Skin works well on me, however if you have oily skin I can imagine it wouldn't work too well... The greasiness however is only in it's texture, I've had no problems when applying my makeup on top afterwards.

Overall I definitely think that Benefit's Porefessional is the better quality primer, however I actually really liked Baby Skin as it reduces pores just as much as the Porefessional does - even though it isn't skin coloured I'll be applying foundation over the top so I don't notice a difference.

Which primer do you like to use?

Emma xo

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