I'll be completely honest with you, I haven't been very nice to my hair over the years. I have bleached and dyed my hair countless times - I've been red, purple, lilac, maroon, blue, pink, blonde, ginger, black, brunette, dip dye, highlights... You name it, I've had it. All those years of colouring have taken its toll, so I'm always on the look out for conditioning products as my hair is very thirsty, so this is where this product comes in.

Bleach London are well know for their crazy hair colours, but to get crazy coloured hair you'll often need to lighten your hair by bleaching - which is never kind to anybody's hair. So I had a lot of faith in this product before I'd even bought it, the box even states to improve hairs elasticity (which anyone with damaged hair literally needs).

The mask says to be used pre-shampoo, so you simply dampen your hair then rub the mask through leaving it on for 10-20 minutes before jumping in the shower and washing like normal. It also says you can wrap a warm towel around your hair if you want to increase the conditioning effects, so I've also just relaxed in the bath with the towel wrapped around. I actually skip shampooing all together and use the mask on its own to boost the conditioning effect as well (being un-naturally blonde = v. thirsty hair).

I honestly am not lying to you when I say this is my new holy grail product as it works MIRACLES (and trust me, I've tried a lot of conditioning products in my day). From the first time I used it I could tell the difference and now I'm using it once a week to give my hair that nourishing treat it needs. My hair has honestly been in a rut the past year and has been the same length for what feels like forever, so fingers crossed this works in the long run and helps my hair grow out!

What conditioning hair product do you swear by? I'm always looking to try out others (conditioner junkie over here)

p.s. There's currently a 3 for 2 on Bleach London products on as a part of their 'Let's Feel Like New' campaign so be sure to check it out!! *

Emma xo
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