As some of you will know the first time I purchased a Naked 2 palette I'd received a broken fake... (see post here) so I thought I would do this post to help prevent anyone else from also purchasing a fake by showing the differences between the two!

1. The Colour Difference
The real Naked has a very warm brown background where as the fake is almost a grey colour and the writing is really prominent. 

Real above, fake below.

2. The "Urban Decay" Written on the Back
When placed down on a flat surface the real Naked's "Urban Decay" writing is upside down, whereas on the fake it is the correct way up. 

Fake above, real below.
3. Back of the Palette
The writing on the back of the real Naked's palette is really small and remains similar sizes throughout, whereas the fake has random bold bits such as the 12 x 1.3g.

Fake on the left, real on the right.

4. The Shadows Names
Although they have copied the names exactly, the print on the fake is no where near as clear and readable as on the real where it is really easy and simple to see.

Fake on the left, real on the right.
5. The Brushes
Last but not least, the brushes. The quality of the fakes brush is awful as you can probably tell from the photos. Even the print on the brush is lacking in quality plus the real brush is a slightly lighter colour than the fake. 

I hope this helps and that none of you accidentally buy a fake! Always safest to buy it off a trusted website.

Emma xo
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*EDIT: It's come to my attention that the fake I received actually replicates the original Naked 2s packaging when they first came out, I however only bought my palette recently so the information given is correct for newer palettes - so if you have recently bought one from a non-trusted seller (such as a eBay listing) and it looks like my fake it most likely is BUT if you bought your palette from a trusted seller (like Debanhams or Feel Unique) when it first came out and it looks like my fake - that's fine :)
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