I'm a lover of all those crazy hair colours, especially in the summer time as festival season comes around - and let's face it, we all have the urge to drastically change our hair styles every now and again. However, I'm a blonde for life and will never keep up any of these crazy colours, I will always stay true to my blonde locks.

Have you ever found a product, either make up or clothes, that you've been so wow'd by that you've needed to buy every colour available? In my 20 years of life this has only really happened to me twice. The most recent being the MUA Velvet Lips Lacquers line...
chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
If you've been a long term reader of All That Shimmers you will know that I have been really interested in make-up for the past couple of years now. You'll also know that when I first started out with this blog that it was all about the eyes for me, I would always be lusting over the newest eyeshadow palette... Don't get me wrong, I still love a good eyeshadow palette and I'm forever lusting over a new one, but my tastes have grown with the trends and I've fallen in love with contouring, more so recently than I have ever done so before.
One of my favourite, and least favourite things about blogging is the photography. I love creating the perfect image, however the process in doing so can be quite lengthy. Throughout my blogging experience, I would like to believe that my photographs have gotten better, as practice makes perfect after all. So I thought I would share some of my most common editing trends when it comes to my blog photos.
Smashbox is a brand I've heard so much about, but never got to try them out for myself. That was until one of their most recent releases, the #ShapeMatters palette. Boots had an introductory deal at £30 for the first week of release when the RRP is £60 so I would have been silly to not buy it.
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