I'm a lover of all those crazy hair colours, especially in the summer time as festival season comes around - and let's face it, we all have the urge to drastically change our hair styles every now and again. However, I'm a blonde for life and will never keep up any of these crazy colours, I will always stay true to my blonde locks.

Last summer I coloured my hair grey, through a hair dresser, which cost lots of time, money, and a big hair chop. I loved it, but when it was time to return to my OG blonde, it proved a pain. My hairdresser advised me saying she would have to bleach out the grey - which I wouldn't even dream of doing... Thank the lord for the Colour B4 dye removers, extra strength, yooo. I was able to safely get my hair back to blonde without any peroxide. Major holy grail product right there.

Anyway, L'Oréal recently dropped their new Colorista line, which included washout hair dyes. Non commitment fashion hair colours? Yes please! I jumped at the chance to try those for summer.

I had a test run with 'dirty pink' to begin with, however I didn't like the colour. It was a very dark pink and rather quite bright. However after 1 wash, a lot of it came out and I was left with a nice pastel pink colour. Then by the third wash it had mostly gone with some pink tinges. Then the fourth wash it had completely gone. No staining. No fuss. And no damage to my hair. Win win!!

Next up I mixed the peach dye with the pastel pink dye. The colour pay off was gorgeous and I had so many compliments. It was like a rose golden blonde colour and tbh I could actually live with the colour for a long time. However, like the dirty pink colour it had basically washed out by the third hair wash.

Another note to add is that you NEED lightened hair. I'm naturally a very dark brunette, almost black haired even, there was no way it would ever take on my regrowth, that's common knowledge. However, Colorista turned my most recent root touch up a slightly different colour to the ends of my hair, which will have been bleached more than once in root overlaps. So you don't need to be white blonde for these dyes to work, but it takes better on bleached hair.

My most recent venture with Colourista was their lilac dye (not pictured). I loved the colour it gave me on the first day, I had done it purely for a festival and I wanted it to basically be gone by the second like the pinks and peach had. However, it washed out to this ugly blue colour after one wash. I hated it. But from my experience from the other dyes I wasn't worried as I thought 'it'll be gone by the third wash' ...oh boy was I wrong. I wash my hair every other day, and by 2 weeks later I still found my self with bluey blonde locks. I was not happy. So I decided to cancel it out with the pastel pink which luckily worked and washed out.

After my experience with the lilac dye it has put me off using the mint and the darker purple dyes I had also bought in case of staining, for now anyway. I have festivals coming up I'm probably going to want to jazz my hair up, but maybe just the ends next time...

A major set back for me was the price, it's £7 a box, for something that lasts 2 washes. I got a load of them on a Boots 3 for 2 deal (love a good drugstore deal) - but I guess you can't put a price on convenience as not all of us can/want fashion hair colours for too long. Also, I cannot fault the pink and peach dyes. They are gorgeous and I couldn't reccommend them more, especially if you're worried about taking the plunge and using a bit more of a permanent dye.

Have you tried any of the Colorista products?

Emma xo
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chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
chubby stick contour highlight Clinique sculpting swatches
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